NewDeal Invest

New focus
We underwrite the future.
New vision
We embrace a complex world full of probabilistic occurrences.
New price
Our fee structure aligns our interest with that of our customers.
New methods
We are open, we share and collaborate.
New edge
We never stop actively and open-mindedly looking for an edge.

This is NewDeal Invest.

NewDeal Invest is an investment fund that specialises in innovation, digitalization and future trends. We embrace the fact that the world is rapidly changing, and this is where we see opportunities. We spend lot of our time endeavouring to understand the future. 

We are investors. We buy and hold innovative companies, especially within digital transformation. We invest globally, predominantly in companies that use digitalisation to create new solutions to old problems. The companies that are of interest to us are often disrupters of other companies that fail to focus on innovation.

Some people may say that our portfolio contains high risk, because the companies we invest in are high growth. But at NewDeal Invest, we believe that companies that are innovative and use new technologies provides a much lower risk than many people think, because they are on the right side of the innovation curve. 

My team and I look forward to welcoming as an investor.

Yours sincerely 

Mads Christiansen 
Fund manager 

Innovation is the key to growth.

What NewDeal Invest stands for

Our investment process



We invest in digital transformation, future and innovation. This means that our markets are often driven by technological change. We primarily focus on industries that are undergoing significant transformation.


We use traditional research methods to carry out due diligence with a company, but most importantly, we also collaborate with others - both online and via our network, to research the companies on our watch list.


Our investments are characterised by the fact that they make a real difference to their target audience
The fund manager speaking:

If you model the world, you miss out on the best investment opportunities.

The best investment opportunities are often found where other investors are not looking or where their logic and investment models makes them unable to appreciate the investment case. Our process is built to embrace the complexity of the world. One of our ways to do this is by collaborating very actively with thousands of investors – private and institutional investors. We are looking forward to collaborating with our investors in the same manner.
Mads Christiansen
Fund manager