New Strategy

Investment theses

We have five investment theses

  1. 5+5:We only invest in shares that we currently believe we want to own for at least 5 more years after 5 years have elapsed.
  2. Time in the market beats timing the market: We invest in innovative companies that change the world and grow while doing so. This increases our return on investment and reduces our risk
  3. We underwrite the future: Our process begins with and focuses on the future of the world and the companies we invest in. This gives us an edge compared to all the other investors who are underwriting the past.
  4. Logic kills the opportunity for magic: We look for investments where our understanding of the business model enables us to see a much greater potential than the current valuation reflects. We might like it when traditional quantitative investors think the valuation is too high.
  5. Moonshots: We actively search for the extra opportunity that creates multibaggers. These are most often found when embracing the fact that the world and economics are complex, nonlinear, chaotic and hard to predict.


We only invest in public listed companies, with a market cap over DKK 1 billion. However, we have a mandate to enter companies with a market cap of DKK 500 million.

Each investment will typically have a maximum cost of 10% of the portfolio. We have a mandate to increase to 15%

Every investment is at all times held to less than 30% of the total portfolio.

The purchasing and selling of investments will occur when we must replace  an investment or rebalance the portfolio.

Our target is on average to be invested in between 8-15 companies in the portfolio.

Our investments will be worldwide, and most will be listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

Mads Christiansen is the fund manager and will manage the portfolio.


Our Strategy