Top-Down & Bottom-Up Research

Our process is based on the future.

We invest in innovation, growth and disruption. That is our speciality, and that is what we are good at.

We have a qualitative approach to the companies we invest in. We strive for a deep understanding of these companies. This understanding is often based on cumulative knowledge built over time. We spend a lot of time listening to visionary CEO’s since many of these are at the forefront of understanding where the world is heading. 

Since we focus on the future and what is going to be the next big thing, we are not very excited about accountants and their DCF-models; these methods are based on the past, not orientated for today’s rapidly changing business landscapes. We compare these quantitative valuations with our perception of the future of the companies to look for attractive investments. 

NewDeal Invest Process

New Process.

Collaboration and alternative data

We are proud of our team’s reach in the investment environment. We are in daily contact with other capital and hedge funds, stakeholders in various sectors, and have a fantastic network, nationally and internationally. 

Furthermore, we do not only focus on accounting figures, we also focus on alternative data (and data sources) to assess the development and potential of a particular company.

Digitalization, innovation and future trends

We only invest in what we understand, and our specialities are primarily centred around digitalization, innovation, and future trends. For us, value sectors are not where tomorrow’s large companies are created, so fundamentally we always go for companies with strong innovation, digitalization and data on top of mind. The company must be under development, with innovation as a fundamental company value.

These are companies where volatility will be higher than in classic companies, but we work with the thesis that innovation is providing a favourable risk / reward ratio. The world is always developing, and companies should do the same.



Long-term megatrends

For the last few decades we have experienced awe-inspiring innovation, the disruption of existing sectors and the emergence of new sectors based on this innovation. These are the two types of growth we are investing in.

We underwrite the future, and it provides the opportunity to invest in growth companies. Their DNA is based on doing things differently from what we have known in the past.

NewDeal Invest

All of the above has helped to create NewDeal Invest’s investment strategy. This strategy gives us an edge in a stock market that primarily underwrite the past and focuses on DCF models. We do things differently.

To a greater extent, we focus on a strong collaboration with our partners and alternative data to find tomorrow’s companies within the megatrends that we define as crucial, and which have the necessary growth, diversity and innovation to fulfil our ambition. We do it differently than the others. But we do it with experience, excellent sector knowledge and a unique network.

We are NewDeal Invest.