The Net Asset Value is the market value of all of the funds’ investments divided by the amount of investment association certificates issued. 

At NewDeal Invest we will update the Net Asset Value once a day on business days. 

Below you will find the most recent calculated Net Asset Value of the fund. 

NewDeal Invest Fond I


NewDeal Invest Fond I A/S

Net Asset Value


KIID (facts)

NAV for following date

27. maj 2022

Investment profile

The aim of this investment fund is, via an active investment strategy, to create long-term yield by investing in megatrends within digital transformation. The investment fund is accumulative.

The fund is actively managed by NewDeal invest ApS and the investments take place on the basis of recommendations made by NewDeal Invest’s analysts and in accordance with a devised investment strategy by NewDeal Invest. The investment strategy represents the overall long-term investment profile in relation to risk, yield and choice of securities.

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