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We have an AIF-license from the Danish FSA. The minimum investment is set at EUR 100,000 (limit set by the Danish FSA). You can invest as an individual and as a company. We reserve the right to say no to any individual investment.

Fee structure: 

Management fee: 0%

Entry fee: 2,5%.

Investors in NewDeal will not pay for the first about 7% yearly return. We achieve this with a watermark rising 0.026% daily.

If the value of the shares in the fund is above watermark, we charge a performance fee, which is 20%. 

Redemption fee: DKK 5,000. 

There is an entry and redemption cost for the fund itself of 0.3% on entry or exit of the fund. This is to protect the remaining investors against costs related to the investor entering or exiting the fund. 

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