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NewDeal Invest

NewDeal Invest was founded by fund manager Mads Christiansen and is run by his handpicked team of experts, who all  share his investment philosophy and vision of the future. 

The members of our team each have different skillsets, but we all embrace the same investment philosophy. We are investors and our strategy is compounding.  We look for the best companies to buy and hold for years. We like founder-led companies with innovative cultures. 

Fund manager

Mads Christiansen

Mads is an expert in digital innovation.

He has specialist knowledge about digital companies, digital business models, digital platforms, digital transformation, gaming, and e-commerce. 

Mads has a large and broad network of professional and private investors. This provides him with the opportunity to follow the development of companies around the world.  Mads is an advisor for a North American hedge fund, is a freelance company consultant and advisor, and is on the board of several digital companies. 

Educational background: Doctor of Medicine (MD)

Junior Analyst

Lasse Mejlholm

Lasse is helps with information gathering, due diligence, monitoring news flows and analytic work.  With seven years of investment experience in different security types, Lasse is currently finishing his Economics and Business Administration studies at Aalborg University Business School and plans tobegin  a master’s degree in finance when his current studies are complete.

Lasse aspires to combine his experience with theory and perspectives from some of the field’s best personalities. Lasse specialises in analysing financials on a sector and company level, primarily focusing on growth KPIs and the valuation of a company, as well as also analysing megatrends and how we can apply that knowledge into our strategy.


Other information

Lawyer: Mazanti-Andersen Partners. 

Bank: Nordea. 

Broker: Saxo Bank.


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We have a qualitative approach to the companies we invest in. We strive for a deep understanding of the companies. This is often based on cumulative knowledge built over time. Delivering high-quality returns requires unyielding focus, and we utilise alternative data to continually adapting to dynamic conditions and furthermore we actively pursue strategic collaborations for better market opportunities.